Where's the Sweet Nectar?

Sitting on my patio, enjoying the beauty of the pink petunias, I saw a bee come and land on each flower, but quickly leave - finding no sweet nectar to drink.

The Spirit whispered an insight: We have become beautiful blooming flowers but without the sweet nectar that attracts bees to make honey. We’ve lost our sweet savor that attracts - love and compassion. Our hearts have left Home and we’ve given them over to another realm: deciding who we are for or against in the political world, finding someone to blame, forsaking our sweet home of God’s merciful presence.

What if we just pray for peace, and look to the Son to receive his heart that’s moving with compassion for the hurting among us?

How can we be loving and kind today?

By the way, the bee didn't even bother with the impatience! :)


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